Two Weeks in NYC!

Today marks two weeks that I've been living in New York! I've applied to about fifteen jobs, I've had two interviews (and one on Monday), and my roommate Nica and I have seen more than 10 apartments and finally chose one in Crown Heights to call our home (we are signing the lease on Monday)! I've been so busy with everything that I haven't had a chance to take that many photos or blog- I feel like my Instagram is looking pretty shabby lately. Whoops! 

Last weekend, my friend Lindsay was in town and my sister and I met her in Greenpoint to do some exploring (and eating of course). We went to Littleneck Outpost where I got a delicious quinoa salad. There were so many tempting items on the menu that I will definitely be going back soon! We also went to the Maman in Greenpoint, which is my favorite place for Matcha in the city. We also stopped in Bakeri and Ovenly to scope out the baked goods. Then we headed towards Williamsburg and stumbled upon this random grassy rooftop area with a great view of the Manhattan skyline. We were so tired from walking that we just plopped down there and enjoyed the breeze. Later, we walked past an Everlane sale where they were selling these "Human" tee shirts for just $1! The shirts were made to benefit the Human Rights Campaign which is one of my favorite organizations. So of course, I got two shirts.

This weekend, my sister and I decided to hit the beach. We took the train to Rockaway Beach in Queens. It was very easy to get to and a nice change of pace from our usual weekends exploring the city. The water was nice and clean (minus some seaweed), the waves were big, and there were tacos only a few blocks away. There was a whole area of the water where people were surfing. It was funny to see people bringing their surfboards on the subway. I could definitely NEVER surf. I would make such a fool out of myself. 

After returning from the beach, showering the sand and seaweed off our bodies, realizing we were a bit sunburnt, and a quick nap, we set out for the West Village. It's such a fun neighborhood to walk around in and there are all these little shops where I am sure I could spend hours. We went to The Elk for iced tea, Sockerbit for some candy (they have such a wide variety and it's pretty reasonably priced too) and Gay Street for some photo ops. 

The West Village has always been my favorite neighborhood in NYC. It has such a happy vibe and there are so many fun things to do. Perhaps one day when I am a kick ass human rights social worker/lawyer I can make the West Village my home! But for now, I'm happy to be in the city at all!

xo Molly