Staying Busy

I've been up to a bunch of random stuff lately, I've been staying really busy with work and doing some fun things. Last Wednesday I went to a rally for criminal justice reform which was really inspiring. I went with my friends Elena and Amanda, I'm so happy that I met some social justice loving friends in social work school. They're absolutely what I'm going to miss most about moving to NYC. Tomorrow I will be seeing Bryan Stevenson, the author of "Just Mercy" speak at the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center in Hartford. I couldn't be more excited to see him in person!  

Saturday I was invited to go to a barre class at Starr Yoga in West Hartford with a bunch of other bloggers. It was such an intense workout, and I am still feeling sore! But it was so fun to try something new and meet some other local bloggers. I still laugh whenever someone refers to me as a blogger because I hardly consider myself one but I guess I am... My 26th birthday is next week so I am trying to start off my next year in a healthy manner. I've been trying to eat well and I've been going on a lot of walks in the warmer weather. I just haven't been feeling going to the gym lately, I don't know why but it doesn't bring me joy so I have decided I'll just exercise in a more organic manner. 

Sunday I went up to Northampton to visit my friend Richard who goes to Smith School of Social Work. Since I went there for undergrad it was fun to visit him and be on my old campus. We walked all around campus and visited the greenhouse and the beautiful gardens that they have there. All of the dorms had a huge #BlackLivesMatter sign on them. I am so proud to be an alum  of a school that so highly values social justice! 

Clearly, I've been staying super busy lately which is nice. It's so great to have the weekends to actually do fun things and relax instead of having to write papers and do tons of reading. I've been doing a lot of reading FOR FUN and consuming podcasts at a rapid rate. I've listening to Serial seasons 1 & 2, S-Town, and I'm up to the current episodes of Up & Vanished. Next on my list are Crimetown and Undisclosed. Do any of you have good recommendations? On another note, I've been loving this adorable sweatshirt. I love the message on it and it is so cozy. The message of this brand is really great. Go check them out! 

xo Molly