New Hay!

Over the weekend I drove down to New Haven to visit my friend Elena and explore the city with her. First, we headed straight to Donut Crazy, which is basically on the Yale campus (which is seriously SO beautiful and I recommend that you visit if you haven't!). We got some pretty crazy donuts. I got one covered in candy and Elena basically had a donut/croissant/sandwich situation. They were SO good. 

After donuts and Yale, we packed a little lunch and some wine and went over to Edgerton Park to have a picnic. It was so relaxing to sit and chat for a while after not seeing each other in a few weeks. Two puppies came up to us while we were having our picnic. Of course, I had to snap a few pics with Agnes, the most adorable Jack Russell Terrier puppy. Agnes jumped into my lap and I was like "I love you! Don't ever leave me!" She was toooo cute! 

Edgerton also had an AMAZING greenhouse. I was seriously green with envy (LOL) over all the plants inside. Elena and I were joking that we wanted to put mattresses on the floor there and  move on in. 

It was a perfect Saturday afternoon! I will definitely be back to New Haven soon, it has recently become one of my favorite places and I can see myself possibly living there in the future. 

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xo Molly