Fourth of July Weekend

Last Friday, my sister and I left our apartment at 6:15 in the morning to head off to Cape Cod for the long weekend! It's been a long time since I've been there (about a year) so I was pretty excited to hit the beach and some of our other favorite spots. The journey on Friday took us pretty much all day. We didn't arrive until 4:00 in the afternoon! So that night we basically just relaxed but I couldn't resist snapping some photos of the house and beautiful hydrangeas! 

Saturday morning, I slept in a little which was nice after our early wake up the previous morning, went on a long run, and then hit the beach! It was such a beautiful day and we went right at high tide. I was excited to even out the farmers tan that I have gotten from walking around in NYC. For a late afternoon snack, my sister and I headed to Dennis to the Sesuit Harbor Cafe. We split a lobster roll and a caesar salad. I am not an enormous fan of lobster rolls but every once in a while I'll have one.   

That night, even though it wasn't the Fourth of July quite yet. We decided to light up some sparklers! 

Sunday morning my mom, sister, and I woke up early to go hike the dunes in Provincetown. We'd never done this before in all the years that we've been going to the Cape so we were pretty excited. The hike was super rigorous, seriously we went up what seemed like 90 degree angles of sand. It was up and down little hills the entire way. But when we got to the end it was so worth all of the huffing and puffing. The view of the ocean was beautiful and there were tiny little cottages that people stay in. 

Monday, the 4th was another relaxing for us. My dad left early that morning so it was only ladies left at the Cape. We went out for coffee/tea at this adorable new shop in town called The Snowy Owl

Then we went to our favorite little farm stand for some fresh produce! They also make the worlds most AMAZING cinnamon bread there, but we resisted buying a loaf. 

For our last night, us ladies snuggled up on the couch to watch a movie and enjoy some of the amazing homemade ice cream that my sister made (make sure you check out for the recipe!).

Overall, it was a weekend full of fun, eating, and unfortunately, mosquito bites too!! Hope you all had an awesome Fourth of July!

xo Molly 

p.s. How adorable is my little girl strolling in the sand!?!? 

p.p.s. this tiny house I spotted on my run is also adorable!