Heat Wave

It has been SO hot here for the past two weeks or so. I have basically given up on wearing anything cute and basically opt for gym clothes every day, since I know I am going to be a sweaty mess after walking about one block. If I were back home in Connecticut I would probably be hiding in the A/C all day every day, but since I am here for such a short time, even the heat won't stop me from exploring!

Here's what we did this past weekend:

Friday: I met my sister after work in the financial district. She gets out of work around noon on Fridays in the summer so that is really nice for us to get to spend most of the day together. Since it was so hot, we obviously wanted to eat something cool. We've been hearing about the craze of rolled ice cream so we found a place in the West Village that makes it. I got cookies and cream and Katie got raspberry with some Pocky sticks. It was pretty good, it just tasted like normal ice cream to me but it was cool to watch how they actually made the rolls!

After our treat, we went back to the apartment to cool down for a bit before heading out for the night. We were going to the Free Friday at the Whitney Museum where you can pay as much as you are able to for entry. My friend Nica and Katie's friend Lisette joined us for the evening. I am not going to lie, I do NOT love art museums, but it was fun to explore the Whitney and see the art practically for free (I paid $1). There are also balconies on almost every level with amazing views of the surrounding city. I thought it would be cute to wear my new floppy hat to the museum and it literally blew off when I was on the top balcony and I had to run down four flights of stairs to grab it before it actually flew away! 

Sunday: We woke up bright and early to go to Ludlow Coffee Supply AGAIN because it's one of our new favorite places. We each got a latte (I don't normally drink coffee but I was really curious to try their maple latte) and we split the almond and raspberry croissants. We both brought a book and read for a while before heading back out into the heat. 

We wandered around in the neighborhood and found some fun murals to take pictures of! 

Gladly, we survived the hot weekend and didn't have to stay cooped up in the apartment! Here's to hoping it cools down soon! 

xo Molly