Fort Greene & Clinton Hill

One of my best friends moved from Connecticut to NYC just a few weeks after I moved here for the summer. She hasn't started her new job yet and it's been so nice having someone to hang out with during the day. She lives in Clinton Hill, which is just a ten minute bus ride away from Brooklyn Heights and borders Fort Greene, another Brooklyn neighborhood. We've done a bit of exploring in the few weeks that she's been here and both neighborhoods have much to offer. Here are some of my favorites so far:

Peck's Coffee

This adorable little coffee shop is right across from Nica's apartment. They have an assortment of hot and cold drinks, baked goods, and food like burgers and sandwiches as well. There is also an outdoor seating area and little garden in the back! It's perfect for having coffee together or sitting and reading. 

Fort Greene Park 

This park is such a beautiful stretch of green space in Brooklyn. Nica, her cousin, and I spent a few hours there this past week. We brought sandwiches, sat in the shade and played frisbee (well they played frisbee, I sat and watched and read a bit).

Fort Greene Farmer's Market

If you know me, you know I love a good Farmer's Market and Fort Greene's is just that! So much beautiful produce, bread, cheese, and flowers (this one had a bunch of free samples too...whaaat!). Supporting local farmers and companies is really cool! 

Fort Greene & Clinton Hill are both great neighborhoods and I'm sure they have so much more to offer than what I have experienced so far. I can't wait to continue exploring these neighborhoods with Nica!

xo Molly