Wanderings in NYC

I've been in NYC for exactly four weeks now and I've been enjoying exploring more neighborhoods. Every day I make a little plan for myself to go somewhere new (or back to one of my old faves). I've gotten more comfortable getting around on the subway, the bus, or just walking (except that one time that my iPhone map got me extremely lost and I ended up walking ten miles by accident, but hey, at least it was good exercise!). I think some of my favorite neighborhoods, besides Brooklyn Heights, are the Upper East Side and the Lower East Side. I haven't made it much over to the West Side but I'm sure I will get there eventually. 

One of the places I have been wanting to spend a lot of time at is Central Park. So one gloomy, humid day, I took the train uptown and spent the afternoon exploring the park and the Upper East Side. The park is really amazing and I love how it's such a massive green space inside of the city. Fun fact: Central Park was designed by the same landscape architect who designed my college (Smith College), his name is Frederick Law Olmsted. I walked across a significant portion of the park, but my favorite spot was right near the little pond off of Bethesda Terrace because you can watch the turtles swimming and coming up for air. I love animals so that kept me occupied for a while. Although I practically had a heart attack when I saw a huge snapping turtle poke its head up near me.  

This past weekend, one of my best friends moved to Brooklyn for a teaching job here in the city! I spent most of the weekend with her just hanging out and exploring. Sunday, we went to breakfast at Jack's Wife Freda in the Lower East Side. I've been wanting to go there for so long, so I was thrilled that we finally made the trip! It was definitely worth all the hype! 

After breakfast and exploring SoHo a bit, we went to Maman to refuel. I got a hot matcha latte, which I am still convinced is the best I've had so far! Also their cups are just so beautiful! 

The two most beautiful ladies in all of NYC!

Scenes from SoHo...

Also on the Lower East Side is Irving Farm Coffee Roasters which makes good chai AND good avo toast. Can't resist a spot like that! Also there is a shop called Green Finger's Market that sells the most amazing plants!  

The day that I got completely lost last week, I was in pursuit of 9th Street Espresso in Gowanis, which I had been to a few weeks ago with my sister and her friend. Her friend had been leading us so I hadn't really been paying attention to where we were going. I thought I would just type 9th Street Espresso into my iPhone maps app and I would be able to find it. However, after over an hour of walking in the heat, and ending up in Prospect Park! I realized I was lost. The map had directed me to regular old 9th Street instead of 9th Street Espresso, which was on Douglass St. After sitting for about fifteen minutes in the park and cooling down a bit, I got up and headed over to the real 9th Street Espresso, which was on my way back to Brooklyn Heights from Park Slope. My phone was on the verge of death (it had like 15%) so I had to rely solely on my memory for the journey but I eventually made it! I ended up walking about twelve miles that day and over 20,000 steps. 

I know with my remaining weeks I will have so many more adventures! Now I definitely know not to leave with my phone battery level at only 30%! Whoops!

xo Molly