Eating My Way Through NYC

One of things I am always most excited about when I come to NYC is all of the amazing food! I've been here for just a few weeks and I've already eaten at so many good places. I'll give a rundown of where I've been so far...

Egg Shop (Lower East Side)

I've already been here twice and I'm not mad about it...I would recommend the "Fish Out of Water" sandwich or the "Avo & Egg" both were AMAZING. And it doesn't hurt to throw in a side of fries. 

Dudley's (Lower East Side)

Super cute decor, including a little coffee window! Also delicious brunch! I got an Iced Matcha Latte and the Fried Egg Sandwich. Both were really good! The Avo Smash also looked amazing (which is what my sister got, but I wanted to try something different).

Stonefruit Espresso + Kitchen (Bed Stuy)

Stonefruit has one of the most delicious Avo Toasts I've ever had. It's about an hour walk from my apartment in Brooklyn Heights but the treck is SO worth it! The Avo Toast and the Iced Matcha are so good. Not to mention the cozy decor!

Maman (SoHo- there's another location in TriBeCa but I haven't gone to that one yet..)

I'm going to be honest, the reason I wanted to go to Maman was because they have the most BEAUTIFUL cups. If you know me, you know I like to collect cups from different coffee shops, so that's what initially drew me to Maman. I had a delicious matcha latte and a piece of pistachio loaf which was equally yummy! I spent almost my whole afternoon on Friday sitting and reading in Maman, which had really cute mismatched shabby chic decor.

Toby's Estate (Williamsburg- there's also one in the West Village)

I feel like Toby's Estate is the quintessential Brooklyn coffee shop. It's full of fashionable people reading books or newspapers, or chatting with friends. I've been to Toby's a few times before and I was reminded of how much I loved it when I saw it in the movie The Intern with Robert DiNiro & Anne Hathaway. I got iced mint tea (unfortunately they didn't have matcha) and the avocado toast (can you tell I like avocado toast!?) and both were AMAZING. I will definitely be frequenting Toby's for both the cool vibe and the delicious eats! 

The Butcher's Daughter (The West Village & Lower East Side)

This is a place that has been on my list for a long time. I always see it on Instagram and practically drool over the food in the photos. This is a unique place because the menu is completely vegetarian and most of the food is vegan as well. I got the "Tacos" which were basically lettuce wraps with Quinoa, mushrooms, avocados, and radishes. It was pretty good! They also sell a ton of juices there which I would like to try at some point!

Phew, I know this post was long but it's totally worth it to talk about all of the delicious food that I've eaten so far. I can't believe I've tried so many things already! Can't wait to see what kind of food the rest of the summer holds! 

xo Molly