Boone Hall Plantation

Wednesday morning we set out to visit Boone Hall Plantation which is located in Mount Pleasant and is about a twenty minute drive outside of Charleston. Of course, we had to eat a big breakfast first so we walked over to Hominy Grill. The food was delicious, I had the Huevos Rancheros and they might have been the best ones I've ever had! After breakfast we called an Uber and headed over to the plantation. It was really beautiful and scenic. Boone Hall is well known for its "Avenue of Oaks" (pictured below) which is exactly what it sounds like, a dirt road lined with big beautiful Oak trees. The plantation was beautiful and historic but also a bit disturbing because plantations in the south had slaves, and many of the tour guides glossed over this fact. We went on a tour of the main house, then of the entire plantation, which is still functioning today. We also listened to a talk given by a descendant of a slave which was definitely my favorite part. She talked about the conditions that the slaves lived in and the Gullah culture. They had little cottages that slaves lived in and it was really interesting but sad to see the conditions that they had to endure. Another favorite part of the plantation was, clearly, the horses. They are so beautiful!

xo Molly