Summer Sangria

Over the weekend was one of my good friend's 25th birthday, as well as Memorial Day! A few of us had a little girls night to celebrate both of these joyous occasions. I decided to make sangria which is by far my favorite drink. I rarely drink alcohol but when I do, I make sure it tastes really good. I've been experimenting with making sangria for a while now, and wanted to share one of my creations here. It's seriously so easy. Here's what you need:


Wine (I used two mini bottles of White Zinfandel)

Some sort of flavored seltzer (Who can resist Watermelon Margarita?)

Fruit (I chose lemon, strawberries and blueberries).

The first step is to cut the lemon and strawberries into thin slices and put them into a pitcher.


Next, pour in the wine. After this step I usually let it sit for at least an hour (unless I'm in a rush) so that the wine and fruit can really blend together and taste amazing.


Finally! After it's done sitting for a while, I pour in the seltzer. You don't want to do this too early because then it will go flat, which is the worst! Then, I added the blueberries and lots of ice! I like my sangria super cold.


Now it's ready to serve! Yum. Adding a cute jar and straw never hurts either.


I will definitely have this recipe on repeat over the summer. It was so yummy that I'll probably make it without the wine too...

xo Molly