Casual Friday

TGIF! I am so thankful that today is Friday! I had a rough morning that included accidentally leaving my trunk open and starting to drive with it wide open. You know those days when you just aren't thinking straight? Well that was me today! Since the school year has been coming to an end I've been dressing super comfortable and casual at my internship recently. Today I was basically in meetings all day so I went with some sneakers, joggers, and a soft sweater. I love how the weather is getting warmer but since I am inside for most of the day I tend to still dress warm. Then when I go outside at the end of school I am in for a shock! IMG_2822.JPGIMG_2830.JPGIMG_2827.JPGIMG_2821.JPG

I'm also thrilled that I've finally mastered this half up bun look! I don't know why I couldn't get it but I'm glad that I finally have. I got a haircut this week so maybe a few inches off the end is exactly what I needed for this look. I have a super busy weekend ahead of me, including a sleepover at my church tonight, some babysitting, and a graduation party.

Hope everyone has an awesome Friday!

xo Molly