Hudson Style

One of my favorite things about Hudson was that everyone there had their own unique style. All of the people who worked in our hotel and the restaurants and shops we went to were just really cool, relaxed looking people.I felt like I was super UNstylish compared to everyone else there. For dinner on Saturday night, we decided to get some cute clothes on, do our hair, and head down to a little taco truck on Warren Street. IMG_2749-1.JPGIMG_2747-1.JPGIMG_2788.JPGIMG_2745.JPGIMG_2735-1.JPGFullSizeRender-3.jpgFullSizeRender-4.jpgIMG_2730-1.JPG

The taco's were absolutely amazing. As I'm writing this I wish I was eating a taco... After taco's we went to the bar in the hotel and got a drink and some toasted angel food cake for dessert. It was SO good. They also brought us over complimentary strawberry & rhubarb cobbler (because they could tell how much we loved dessert) that was delicious!

I can't wait to go back to Hudson and the Rivertown Lodge, but until then, I am glad I have so many pictures to look at!

xo Molly

P.S. Who else is OBSESSED with the little stamped cups that they have there. Cutest. Thing. Ever.