Weekend in Hudson

My weekend with my sister in Hudson, New York was seriously amazing! We woke up bright and early on Saturday and headed to the living room area for some coffee and tea before going to breakfast. We got breakfast at a little organic diner just a few doors down from the hotel. IMG_2710-1.JPG

After breakfast, we hopped in the car and drove a few miles to some hiking trails that lead to High Falls. It wasn't that long of a walk and the views were beautiful! Staring at the water was so peaceful and there was really nobody else around so we had some quality time with each other and nature.


After the hike, we showered, got dressed, got more coffee, and headed out for a day to explore the town.


There are SO many things to do in Hudson. Most of the shops and restaurants are located along Warren Street. Our hotel was at the very top of Warren Street so we made it our mission to talk all the way down. Some of the highlights were:

Flowerkraut: A store that sells flowers, succulents, cute little plant related items, and .... sourkraut. I bought a succulent plant called Burro's Tail that I had been wanting FOREVER. I am obsessed!


Greenwhich Letterpress: They had the absolute coolest cards here. Literally cards for every occasion, with every saying on them! There is one in NYC too so I will definitely be repeatedly checking that out over the summer.


Talbott & Arding: This cheese store was AMAZING. They had a bunch of samples of different cheeses and other yummy treats. As well as sampling all of the cheeses (of course!) we got a few mini biscuits and jam to take back to the room for a snack.


After all of our exploration, we were exhausted so went back to the hotel, ate our mini biscuits and read for a while before going back out for dinner!


Isn't my new Burro's Tail plant just adorable!? Stay tuned for one more Hudson post!

xo Molly