Roadtripping to Hudson!

Friday night I drove to Hudson, New York for a weekend with my sister. I had never been to Hudson before but the drive there was seriously so beautiful! It was less than two hours from my house in Connecticut and the drive was all back roads. I passed about a million farms on my way and wanted to stop at every single one of them to take pictures of the animals, but I limited myself to just one. Maybe I'll stop at more on the way home Sunday! Aren't these little guys too cute? IMG_2690.JPGIMG_2700.JPGIMG_2694.JPGIMG_2703.JPG

I arrived at our hotel, Rivertown Lodge around 7:30 and was so excited to see how beautiful it was! There's a cozy sitting area in the lobby, as well as a bar and a little kitchen area with complimentary tea and coffee.


The room was perfect as well! The little bed nook is super cozy and the bathroom (I didn't include pictures of that!) was amazing with a farm sink and big shower.


I am already loving my stay in Hudson so far! My sister and I did a ton of stuff, which I will be posting about soon! I already know that I'm definitely going to come back here at least once. The town has such a cool vibe that I am loving.

xo Molly