Weekend in NYC [Continued...]

Saturday night in New York we all headed to the Lower East Side to go to Pizza Beach for dinner. My sister and I split a kale salad, the four cheese pizza, and each got a pina colada. The pizza was really good and the restaurant was so cool inside. They had these super cute orange t-shirts that said "Pizza. Beach. Sleep. Repeat." that my sister and I are pondering getting this summer. IMG_2631.JPGIMG_2633.JPGIMG_2632.JPGIMG_2634.JPGIMG_2635.JPG

We also wandered around the neighborhood before and after dinner and found some really cool spots.


After dinner, ice cream, and wandering we parted ways with my sister and headed back to the Upper East Side where we were staying. We got to bed early because we were taking a train out of the city in order to get home to spend time with our moms for Mother's Day. Next time I am back in NYC it will be for good (well for two months!), which I am SUPER excited about!

xo Molly