Washington DC

A few weeks ago I went to Washington DC with my mom, dad, and sister for a therapy conference that my mom and I have gone to for the last few years. Friday, I was in the conference all day but Saturday my dad, sister, and I set out to explore DC! Here's what we did Saturday...

First we headed to Georgetown. It's seriously THE DREAM neighborhood. So beautiful and quiet, but right near the water and a bunch of good shops and restaurants.


We made our way to Baked & Wired for coffee. Last year when we were in DC my sister and I waited in line in freezing weather for about 45 minutes for Baked & Wired cupcakes. I hate to say it but they were not that great (I'm hard to impress when it comes to cupcakes...) and definitely not worth that long of a wait. This year we were early and decided just to get a drink to warm us up. I got a chai latte and my sister and dad got cappuccinos.


After Georgetown we trekked to Arlington, Virginia to see the Iwo Gima memorial. It was pretty quiet but of course, just as we arrived, an entire bus of students arrived and swarmed around the memorial...


Then, we came back into DC and went to a place called Union Market where there were tons of little shops and food stands. Literally every food lover's dream! I got a bagel with lox and cream cheese. It was UNREAL!


One of my favorite things about going to DC in early spring is that the flowers are usually blooming there before they bloom at home in Connecticut. We missed the Cherry Blossom festival by a week and there weren't a ton of them near the hotel, but there were other pretty flowers that were blooming!


It started to rain and we were exhausted from all of our exploring so we headed back to the hotel for some relaxation time before dinner and bedtime. We had a super early flight the next morning! DC is an awesome city that I want to explore more of next time I'm there!

xo Molly