Tacos at Tacombi

Don't ask me why but I've been seriously craving tacos ALL THE TIME recently. So when my sister suggested getting them when we were in NYC I said yes immediately. A new Mexican place Tacombi had opened in the West Village (I believe there is another in a different location) so we headed there for lunch. The decor was AMAZING, the wait staff was really nice and the food was delicious! My personal faves were the homemade guacamole and the chicken tacos. We got Pina Coladas and Margaritas as well to top off the meal. IMG_1633.JPGIMG_1632.JPGIMG_1631.JPGIMG_1630.JPGIMG_1634.JPGVSCO Cam-1.jpg

Just looking at these tacos again is making me drool! Even though its only 8 am. I definitely recommend Tacombi to anyone who is in the area! I think we will definitely go back this summer, they had big garage doors that they open up when it gets nice and warm!

xo Molly