Friday in NYC

I spent this past weekend in New York with my friend Hillary and my sister Katherine. Hillary and I took the train into the city on Friday morning for a Jessie James Decker concert that was happening Friday night. Before dinner and the concert we went to the Union Square Farmers Market and Dylan's Candy Bar to stock up on some sweets for the show. IMG_1617.JPGIMG_1619.JPGIMG_1621.JPGIMG_1622.JPGIMG_1625.JPGIMG_1624.JPG

After stocking up on candy and checking out all the plants at the farmers market. We met my sister for dinner at Beecher's Cheese Cellar which was seriously one of the coolest places I've ever been. The benches were huge slabs of cement with cushions on them and there were candles everywhere. I got the Mac & Cheese and it was so rich and creamy, but in a good way. Then after dinner it was off to the concert! We waited in a line that wrapped around like three blocks with a bunch of other girls wearing plaid and bandanas. When we got in it was mostly standing room but it was a small place so we had a really good view. Jessie was AMAZING! It was so cool to see her in person and she was an awesome performer.


We had a blast and I would definitely go see her again if she comes back on tour. More posts to come soon about the rest of the weekend!

xo Molly