Red Sweater

I used to avoid the color red at all costs, I'm not exactly sure why I just refused to wear it! BUT when I saw this sweater a few months back, I thought it was time to change up my rules a bit. I wore this look for more of a casual feel for my internship and classes. IMG_0841.JPGIMG_0843.JPGIMG_0844.JPGIMG_0845.JPG

The exact sweater is from Madewell, but it was purchased before Christmas so it is long gone by now. This is a really similar one, a red long sleeved shirt would work as well. I always have to wear layers in the winter because I'm perpetually cold.

The scarf is homemade actually. I really enjoy knitting and when infinity scarves came into style a few years back, I went crazy making a bunch of them during the free time I had during college. Many of my family members and close friends have an infinity scarf made by Molly! One of my good friends does arm knitting which is really cool! It's something I definitely need to learn. If you don't know how to knit and don't have the time to learn (which I totally get!) here's an option you can buy instead.

I love this necklace. It's so pretty and simple and the company that sells them has a great message and purpose. I chose the word Believe but there are lots of other words and you can even have them print a custom word.

These moccasins are something new for me as well! I got them for Christmas and I really like them. They're very comfortable and soft. Something that I can wear lounging around the house, out in town, and to my internship.

Again, I wore this with my black pants. I have definitely not done much switching up in the pants area, but I think black skinny pants are always appropriate.

xo Molly