Warm Winter Days

Even though it snowed on Friday of last week, Saturday turned out to be a pretty nice day. There's nothing more beautiful than fresh snow on the trees and ground, before it gets all slushy and dirty. My sister and I had a busy Saturday, we went out to breakfast, then did some shopping at the mall, and made our coconut cream bowls. Since it was a busy day I wore something that was comfortable but cute at the same time! I love this sweater and the fuzzy scarf (borrowed from my mom, thanks Mom!). IMG_0897.JPGIMG_0898.JPGIMG_0896.JPGIMG_0895.JPGIMG_0900.JPG Outfit Details

It's supposed to be below freezing all weekend! I am NOT looking forward to it. I was starting to enjoy global warming for a bit...whoops. I plan on staying cooped up in the house this weekend wrapped in a bunch of blankets and scarves! Hope you all stay warm as well!

xo Molly