Valentine's Day PB Crackers

Before Christmas I went to an ugly sweater party with my two best girlfriends. There were cookies and treats galore, of course, but there was one type of cookie that I couldn't get enough of. The hostess said that they were Ritz Crackers dipped in white chocolate. YUM! I knew I wanted to make them and I thought Valentine's Day would be the perfect occasion! They were relatively easy to make and turned out to be pretty good (not quite as good as the original ones I tried but hey, it was only my first time making them!). Here's what you need:


First, make a bunch of peanut butter crackers:


Next, melt the white chocolate and cover the crackers with it. I found the easiest way to do this was to hold the cracker and cover one side, then put the covered side down and spread chocolate on the other side:


Lastly, sprinkle some festive sprinkles on top of the white chocolate:



I also made some Oreos covered in white chocolate and sprinkles as well! I used the same process that I used in my Christmas Oreo post a while back. I can't to spread the love and share these treats with all the great people in my life!

xo Molly