Cranberry Sweater

When I saw this sweater online I knew I had to have it. I literally ran to Madewell to see if they had it but they didn't. They told me there were only two or three left in the entire company in my usual size. The sales associate told me to check online first thing in the morning the next day because sometimes they do restocking in the morning (awesome tip for all of you online shoppers out there!). I was lucky enough to score one (a size up from normal but WORTH IT) and I was so excited when it arrived last week! The color was everything I imagined and I already had the perfect outfit planned out for it! This would be a great outfit to wear on a date at night or during the day! Here's what I put together: FullSizeRender.jpgIMG_0795.JPGIMG_0791.JPG

This is the beautiful sweater. There are only mediums and extra larges left now! Madewell has another sweater that comes in a similar color. I've got my eye on that one for when it goes on sale!

I initially wasn't sure if these sunglasses were really my style. But since I am trying to switch up my looks I thought I would go for it and wear them.

This hat is also something that is totally out of my comfort zone! I love the way tha some of my favorite bloggers just rock cool hats like these so I wanted to try it out too. I think it's just something that I'll need to get used to seeing myself in.

I am a huge fan of mix and match earrings like these ones. I love having unique and fun earring style. That's definitely one of the areas where I'm not afraid to change it up!

I love these boots so much! They might be the most comfortable booties I've ever worn (and they are on sale right now!). The heel is tall enough to look cute, but not too tall that your feet start to hurt!

I wore this look with my same old boring black pants but I think it would look awesome with a pair of white jeans too! I definitely need to invest in a pair of nice (and NOT see through) white jeans like these or these.

xo Molly