Rainbow Closet

  One of the goals that I have set for myself since starting this blog in September is to take more fashion risks. I have A LOT of clothes, but I find myself wearing the same few things over and over again. Most days I just wear leggings, Uggs, and a gray/beige/black sweater. However, I've been trying to dress up a bit more lately, because when I dress up I feel more confident and just generally better about myself. I've been slowly adding more colorful pieces to my closet, which was once a sea of cream, gray, black, and blue (not that there's anything wrong with that!) Check out the difference between my old and new sweaters!

Here are the old, neutral ones:


And now the rainbow of new ones!


I'm really excited about my new colorful options! Although I will always love the more neutral colors as well. I'm going to be styling some looks with the new sweaters over the next few weeks so check back for that!

xo Molly