Lettuce Burger

IMG_0693.JPG Since being on Whole 30 I've come up with creative ways to satisfy my cravings. Mooyah Burger makes the most amazing thing called an IceBurger, which is basically a burger on Iceburg lettuce instead of a bun. I've gotten it a few times in the past month and I love it. I decided to take a stab at making my own IceBurger at home! It's extremely simple but delicious. All you need is some type of burger (I chose a turkey burger), iceburg lettuce, and some type of topping (guacamole in my case). All you do is grill up the burger, rip some crunchy pieces off the head of lettuce, and add your topping! You can have it open faced like I did in the picture, or you can put lettuce on either side and eat it like a burger. Both ways are really good, and like I said, it's such an easy recipe! It's so good that I will definitely be having it, even when I'm NOT on Whole 30!


xo Molly