Westmoor Park

I survived my first week of classes and the work is already piling on! Today, one of my friends and I went to get coffee and do homework at my favorite coffee shop (Doms!) in Avon. On the way back we stopped at Westmoor Park to see the animals. I love watching farm animals and they have the cutest ones at Westmoor! The donkeys, llamas, cows, sheep and goats are tooo adorable! IMG_0513.JPGIMG_0514.JPGIMG_0528.JPGIMG_0523.JPGIMG_0515.JPGIMG_0519.JPGIMG_0522.JPGIMG_0530.JPGIMG_0518.JPG

Even though its been super cold out, it was nice to be outside for a while and see some animals. Definitely a stress reliever!

Outfit details are:

xo Molly