Saratoga Tea & Honey Company

My favorite place that we went while in Saratoga was the Saratoga Tea & Honey Company. I love tea (and honey) and this store had dozens of varieties of each! My favorite part was the honey tasting room, in which they had about a dozen flavors of honey that customers could sample and buy. My personal favorites were the mango honey and the cinnamon honey. They were pretty pricey so we only bought one of them, the mango, and I've already used it in my plain yogurt for some sweetness. IMG_0138.JPGIMG_0142.JPGIMG_0139.JPGIMG_0141.JPGIMG_0145.JPGIMG_0143.JPGIMG_0148.JPGIMG_0149.JPGIMG_0146.JPGIMG_0135.JPGIMG_0147.JPG

I wish they had one of these stores in West Hartford! I ended up also getting one of the adorable handmade tea mugs that they sold there. I'd been wanting a nice, unique, handmade one for a while so now I have one! Yay! Now we're back at home in West Hartford, I'm happy to be home but it's back to reality, internship, and work tomorrow!

xo Molly