IMG_0132.JPG As it's New Years Day I thought I would post my resolutions for 2016!

  1. Read 25 books. As I am going to be turning 25 this year. I thought it would be appropriate to read 25 books!
  2. Complete Kayla Itsines workout guide. I got about half way through it last year and got really sick for two weeks and failed to continue. I want to start again Monday and go all the way through!
  3. Post more on Hello From Molly. Especially recipes and fashion. Maybe I'll even do reviews of the books I read... Hmmm... There's an interesting idea!
  4. Do my hair more. I find myself usually looking put together for work and school..Except for my hair! Which is sometimes a mess. Definitely want to complete my look with amazing hair.
  5. Save money. I admit that sometimes I go a little crazy while shopping and spending money on unnecessary things. As I get older I continue to learn the importance of saving money for the future. Definitely need to make some changes in this area!

So there you have it. IΒ can't wait to make improvement in all of these areas!

xo Molly

p.s. Thanks to a relaxing and low key New Years Day, I've already finished one book this year! Go me!