New Years Eve Outfits

I am honestly not a huge fan of New Years Eve. Big parties and staying up late is not my scene. I think for the last three years I've been in bed by midnight. But this year, since my whole family is going to be together in Saratoga Springs I think we'll make a bigger deal about it. We are going to go out to dinner in town and maybe we'll make it till midnight! I put together some cute outfit options to bring with me on vacation that are perfect for NYE. IMG_0045.JPGIMG_0046.JPGIMG_0047.JPG

I am not a super dressy girl, definitely not one to wear a dress and fancy heels but I think this outfit is really cute and semi-dressy, while still being casual and comfortable. The vest I got recently from Aerie, the peplum shirt (which I don't see online.. but this would be cute too) and necklace are from Madewell. The shoes (J.Crew) and jeans (Forever 21) are old. But similar ones can be found at other stores.


This is another great outfit option. The shirt is just sparkly enough to look great for NYE and I paired it with a long soft sweater to make it more casual and cozy (which is what I'm all about). Both are old (shirt is Anthropologie and sweater is Madewell) but pretty much anything with sparkles and a sweater like this  would do the trick! These suede shoes are adorable and look good with pretty much any outfit, and the pants are just black jeggings from Target.

I haven't quite decided which one I'll wear tomorrow night, I might be leaning towards the one with the vest. I have never worn a fur vest before so I think it would be something new and daring (for me) to wear while ringing in the New Year!

xo Molly