Milk Bar

A few months ago, my sister and I were thrilled to discover a Momofoku Milk Bar within walking distance of her apartment. Saturday after brunch we decided to head on over so I could finally try it! I've seen so many pictures on Instagram of the pretty ice cream! It did not disappoint! We originally decided to get the crack pie flavor, which was literally their specialty pie in ice cream version. But the machine was acting weird so we had to get the original cereal milk flavor instead. It was really good! I'm glad I decided to get the cereal milk flavor because as good as the crack pie tasted, it was extremely sweet and would have made me feel sick if I had eaten the whole thing. I got rainbow sprinkles (what else!?) as my topping, and my sister got chocolate chips. They put toppings at the bottom of the ice cream too! OMG. Too good! Of course, we had to take a zillion pictures of the ice cream. Check it out...IMG_6512.JPGIMG_6511.JPG IMG_6507-1.JPGIMG_6506-1.JPGIMG_6509.JPG

Looking at this right now makes me want to head back to NYC and get more! So good!

xo Molly