Brunch in Brooklyn

This morning my sister and I slept in and went to a late brunch in Carroll Gardens which is a few neighborhoods away from Brooklyn Heights. We didn't know where we were going to go but had a delicious brunch in mind. We found this place Kittery that was cute and had a good menu. We decided to sit outside (in mid-December...What?). It was a beautiful day and we were actually getting pretty warm. I ordered smoked salmon on a pumpernickel bagel and my sister got eggs benedict, we shared some fries as well. Couldn't resist! IMG_6499.JPG



On my way to the restroom, I took a peek at the inside decor which was adorable as well. It was definitely a place I would go back to! As I write this about seven hours later, I'm pretty much still full from my meal. The food was delicious! I loved my smoked salmon, instead of cream cheese there was avocado spread. My favorite!

More NYC adventures coming soon...

xo Molly