Holiday House Tour

Over the weekend my mom and I went on a Holiday House Tour. Basically regular people who go crazy decorating their houses for Christmas open up their homes and let people walk through and check out the decorations. I wanted to take pictures of EVERYTHING but I resisted because we were in regular people's houses and I didn't know if they would appreciate me snapping photos of everything they owned. I did manage to get some pictures of my favorite things... IMG_6430.JPG

I just thought this gingerbread house was too cute! It gave me some good ideas for when I make my own!


This is a not so gingerbread-y house that I loved! So pretty with the wreaths in every window!


This sleigh makes me think of the Little House on the Prairie books I read when I was younger, especially the Christmas chapter! I wonder where they store it when it's not Christmas...




These twinkle lights took over the whole dining room in this house! I, of course, loved it. The centerpieces were like bigger versions of the terrariums I made last week! And the garland around the fireplace was so beautiful! This room was definitely my favorite from the whole tour.

Finally my semester is coming to a close. Thursday I am heading off to Brooklyn to celebrate! I can't wait to see what Christmas-y things are happening in NYC!

xo Molly

P.S. Homemade peppermint bark coming soon!