Adventures in Williamsburg

I am visiting my sister this week in Brooklyn! One of the things I've been wanting to do for a while is explore Williamsburg. I've only been there once for a short period of time so we decided to head there for the day. We had a few things on our agenda. The first thing we did was go to MatchaBar, it was really cute and not super crowded. I got a Matcha Latte with coconut milk and my sister got a Flat Green. They were really good, definitely need to try making them at home! And I kept the cups (one of the weird things I collect is coffee cups from different places).

Next we went to a farmers market in Green Point, my sister picked up some new succulents for her apartment. I definitely would have gotten some too except it's hard to lug them all the way back to Connecticut.

 After the farmers market we were getting hungry so we went to lunch at Rosarito Fish Shack. We've been there once before for dinner but decided to give lunch a try. I got a burger with no bun (Whole 30 style!) and my sister got huevos rancheros. The decor inside and outside is so adorable!

Lastly, we walked down to look at the water and the view of Manhattan. We only stayed for about two minutes because it was so windy and cold but it was beautiful!

Off to bed now so I can be well rested for our adventures tomorrow!

xo Molly