DIY Crate & Pumpkins

I've been searching for a cute end table for my room and I haven't been able to find a reasonably priced one at Target or online anywhere. When I was at Michael's the other day I saw a crate that could make a really cute end table. I decided to paint it white to match the rest of the furniture in my room. While I was at it I painted some pumpkins too! Before:

I painted the crate and pumpkins both with basic white paint. I did two coats on both the inside and outside of the crate. I thought I could use it for a little basket too!

The final product looked great!! It'll make an awesome addition to my room and I spent less than 10$! I love the look of the neutrals, if you couldn't tell from my Fall Essentials post I'm all about neutrals!

I'll be posting more DIY creations soon. We're approaching my favorite time of year and I go crazy with the Christmas crafts!! Can't wait!!

xo Molly