Whole 30 Sauteed Kale

A few days ago I started doing the Whole 30. If you haven't heard of it, its a sort of Paleo diet that lasts for 30 days, calling for elimination of processed foods. I've done it once before in January and I really liked it, I never felt bloated and was feeling really healthy and good (losing a few pounds wasn't terrible either). So I decided to do it again before the holidays come in full force! I got the Whole 30 cookbook and made my first recipe from it tonight! It turned out really well. I mostly followed the cookbook but not 100%. Here's what I made: Sauteed Kale with Almonds. Yum!

The first thing I did was cut and wash the kale. One trick with kale is to use more than you think you should because it's going to shrink down like 1/4 of the size when you cook it.

The next thing is to add the garlic and almonds into the frying pan. The recipe calls for cooking fat but I just used coconut oil. It's pretty much my go-to when I'm cooking anything. I also doubled the amount of almonds in the recipe because I love them so much. I used 1/2 cup of almonds, a scoop of coconut oil, and minced one clove of garlic.

While the almonds and garlic were cooking, I boiled the kale for about 3 minutes in a separate pot.

After the three minutes, I strained the kale and added it to the dish with the almonds and garlic. I let that cook for an additional five minutes or so.

The dish turned out really great! As you can see the kale shrunk down quite a bit. I brought the dish over to dinner at one of my friends houses, who is also doing the Whole 30! He had made the Whole 30 ranch dressing which was AMAZING! That's definitely something I'm going to try making soon!

xo Molly