Earl Gray Tea Latte

I'm currently obsessed with Starbucks' Earl Gray Tea Latte and since the weather is getting colder I've been getting them a lot from Starbucks. I decided to try to make one at my house in order to save some money! The first thing that I did was steep some Earl Gray tea, I reused my tea bags that I had gotten at Starbucks last time. The tea bags that they give at Starbucks are so huge you can sometimes get two or three uses out of them before the flavor is gone. Also, did you know that all the caffeine comes out when the bag is first dipped in water? So if you're using a bag that was originally caffeinated, it won't be anymore! SAMSUNG CSC Next, I filled about half of the cup with tea.

Then I added some Beet Sugar, they're like little crystals of sugar that come from beets! I know at Starbucks they sometimes use pumps of vanilla syrup, but I figured this way was healthier while still sweetening it a bit.


I frothed up some milk and poured it in. I think the frothed milk is the best part of any latte!


Lastly, I added a tiny bit of cinnamon on top of the milk. I love cinnamon and it's great to add to tea or some steamed milk to give it some more flavor.

  They turned out pretty well, I will definitely be making them again. It was a great treat for a cold day like today.

xo Molly

P.S. I saw some snow flurries outside today! Really Mother Nature? It's too early!!