Rogers Orchards

It's been a long few weeks and I haven't been able to post or even do anything fun to post about! Today, I finally took a break from homework to go to Rogers Orchards with my mom and Tinkerbell. We were looking to pick some peaches and apples so that my mom could make some peach salsa and apple butter (she's really into canning things). First, we stopped at the cute little farm store that they have. They sell the most amazing apple cider donuts and it smells delicious in there. My mom and I resisted the urge to buy a package. I settled for the homemade peanut butter that they have instead (Tinkerbell greatly approved, "PB" is one of her favorite treats). SAMSUNG CSC



SAMSUNG CSCI was super excited to see all of the pumpkins and apple cider it just makes me so excited for fall! Two of my favorite things are roasted pumpkin seeds and warm apple cider. It still feels like summer here during the day, I can't wait for that cooler weather to come soon!

Unfortunately, it was too late to actually pick the peaches, so we had to buy them at the store and settle for just apple picking instead. We headed over to the orchard to start picking. Tinkerbell was barking at everyone and drawing lots of attention as usual.

I've always enjoyed picking fruit. I think blueberries are my favorite to pick, I haven't done that in a while.It was so fun and now we have loads of fresh fruit! I'm sure my mom will be busy canning all week!

xo Molly